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Cheap flights put Moscow in range

moscow3One of the deciding factors in being able to travel anywhere is often how much the flights cost. And that means your travel destinations can often be determined by the routes of the world’s budget airlines.

Until recently Moscow wasn’t so much out of bounds as out of range – for anyone relying on budget airlines, at least. From western Europe, you had to fly over a whole heap of continent you could get to for a fifth of the price. Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm can all be reached for under £100 on Ryan Air, EasyJet and a host of other low-cost airlines. To bypass those places to appreciate the Kremlin took dedication.

But the first budget airline to spread its wings from London to Moscow has just made the journey a whole lot easier.

EasyJet’s new flights from London Gatwick to Moscow start at £47.50 one way and £125 return. This is a marked improvement on the prices offered by other airlines, which started at over £200, but rocketed up to £1,000 for late bookers in peak season.

Trip Advisor says the new EasyJet route to Moscow has caught the eye of many travelers, causing a 99% increase in hotel searches in the Russian capital. The only trouble is, any money saved on the new cheap flights is negligible compared with the extortionate prices of Moscow hotel rooms. It was recently named the most expensive city in the world for accommodation.

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