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Catch a ride on the UK’s ‘ghost trains’

The UK has a number of ‘ghost trains’ which run very rarely, and are mostly deserted when they do leave the platform. Here is a quick guide to what they are, why they exist, and how to catch a ride. Parliamentary trains The UK’s ghost trains are officially known as ‘parliamentary trains’, because they exist […]

5 best small music venues in Paris

Paris is known for many things, but not its live music. Which is a shame, seeing as it’s given us Serge Gainsbourg and, err, Johnny Hallyday. Its government policy making every radio station play a majority of songs in French hasn’t helped its international musical credibility. But the city of love is also a great […]

Top 3 Most Dangerous Activities in Sydney, Australia

A Sydney vacation is one of the most relaxing trips and inspiring holiday trips you are likely to have. It’s a city with all the modern amenities with unique natural wonders because of its relative isolation for centuries. Tourists often visit the country to experience their wildlife while others opt to stay in the beautiful […]

Top Activities to Enjoy in Madagascar

One of the top tourist destinations in Africa, Madagascar has always amazed their tourists because of their impressive diverse wildlife on land and in water. Combined with continuously improving amenities for tourists, Madagascar has become an ideal destination for those who want to be closer to nature. But aside from the impressive amenities from hotels […]

Travel Tips to See the Northern Lights

The northern lights or the aurora borealis is an amazing phenomenon in the sky that has attracted millions of travelers every year to places where it can be observed. As the name suggests, the northern lights can be seen in the northernmost places in the world especially in high altitude locations. This is the reason […]

Top 3 Rainforests in the World

Visiting a rainforest is an exhilarating adventure experience especially for first time nature explorers. The beauty of nature is at its peak in the rainforest because of the amazing combination of flora, fauna and wildlife. Staying a day or two in a rainforest is always a must for adventure travelers because it allows them to […]

The Top 3 Waterfalls in the World

Waterfalls are the perfect example of the beauty and power of nature. They are exquisite to look at but the most ferocious waterfalls can easily crush a large boat. This is the reason why tourists often flock to waterfalls because they want to get closer to the beauty of nature while experiencing a closer encounter […]

We hear that if Romance is in the air France is the place to visit. The French supposedly possess the language of love and have the greatest cuisine but is the city the ideal place for couples to visit?   Attractions While some couples will want to stay in their hotel all holiday, others will […]

Top cheap activities in North Cyprus

The Northern part of Cyprus, formally known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a de facto independent state. A North Cyprus holiday is a perfect summer trip for a family or a couple, as it is home to many great sights and architecture. We have singled out three great activities to take part […]

Top Affordable Activities in the Maldives

Maldives is a premier tourist destination because of its pristine waters and stunning natural beauty. Tourists from around the world come to Maldives all year long because they know they will always have a sunny setting to enjoy. The additional activities and nightlife also boosts Maldives’ role as a top tourist destination. Because of the […]

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