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The Olympic Games will be hosted in the UK during the summer of 2012, with many events taking place in locations around London. Tickets went on sale 22nd March with an estimated 8 million available to sports lovers. Users had to select which sports and events they would be interested in and the Games organisers […]

Relax in the beautiful countryside of Devon

Devon is a beautiful county located in the west of England. The county is surrounded by Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset with remarkable coastlines, which serve as an added attraction to tourists in Europe. It’s an increasingly popular destination because of its location and other surprising natural attractions. Getting to Devon The easiest way to get […]

Weekend in Herefordshire

Abbey Dore is a beautiful and picturesque village in Herefordshire. Located in the West of England, the village is popular with tourists every spring and summer because of the natural settings. Complementing the beautiful setting is the historical significance of the village. The place is named after the abbey established during the 12th century. Although […]

Montreuil city breaks

The small community of Montreuil can be found in the eastern side of Paris. It’s a bustling suburb of the city but part of it is also dedicated for locals and guests who want to stay near Paris but seeks a more affordable accommodation. It’s just a few miles from the popular tourist destinations so tourists […]

The Eden Project in Cornwall

The Eden Project in Cornwall is the largest greenhouse in the world as it spans to more than 15 hectares. The greenhouse was first opened to the public in 2000 but it was only the next year visitors were given full access to the site. The greenhouse is not only known because of its size. […]

Time traveller in Likya

Lycia (or Likya) refers to an ancient territory in south west of Turkey, the name Lycia is still popular and would refer to the two popular provinces: Antalya and Muğla. The historical significance of Likya has made these provinces a tourist attraction not only for its natural beauty but also for its history. The remaining […]

Abandoned attractions in the USA

Abandoned places often provide that mysterious atmosphere to their visitors. Still they offer something unique to tourists – a chance to take a look at the structure and even equipments when the place is still in operation. There will always be an abandoned place in any country worthy to be visited and America not exempted […]

Top Castles in the World You Should See

Kasbah du Toubkal Located in the highest peak in North Africa, this Moroccan castle is currently a private resort that offers elegance in the midst of vast wilderness. Accessible only by animal transport, the area is visited by tourists because of its remoteness with 5-star accommodation. Burg Gutenfels Located in the southwestern end of Germany, […]

Visiting Naples: tips and warnings

Because Naples is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, visitors should not be put off by the city’s bad reputation for its crime level. Unfortunately, street crime is a reality in Naples which often concerns tourists and foreigners. This does not mean that it is a place to avoid, however tourists should become […]

Northern Lights in Iceland

Experience the most breathtaking “show” that Iceland is proud of – the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis. It’s a natural phenomenon of lights that we should all experience and see first-hand at least once in our lifetime. Aurora Borealis is a result of the thin air being electrically charged so it shines and make […]

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