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The Cotswolds – A Guide To The Perfect Autumn Getaway



A romantic autumnal break in Autumn is the perfect time to relax and enjoy nature changing before winter hits. Situated in the South of England, the Cotswolds are an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
The area itself is huge, covering five counties (Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire). Throughout this large area, you will be spoilt for choice with an abundance of rolling countryside, river valleys, sleepy villages and quintessentially English country pubs ready to be explored.


You don’t need to travel far to see beauty. The idyllic English countryside is perfect in Autumn, as the leaves begin to change colour and the temperatures drop, forcing you to warm up with jumpers, scarves and crackling fires. It doesn’t matter if you are after a relaxing break or an adventurous trip, the Cotswolds are packed with a diverse amount of activities that will satisfy your every need, and then some. There will be something for you in the Cotswolds!

Revel in the rich history & heritage
The Rollright Stones situated in Oxfordshire are a unique and unexplained set of monuments from the Bronze age, highlighting the Cotswolds rich heritage. Other highlights include Berkeley Castle and Chavenage House, where the recent BBC remake of Poldark was filmed.

Local produce
The Cotswolds are renowned for supplying delicious local food all year around, and Autumn is no exception! From award winning pubs in villages that serve the best fresh, local, seasonal produce to an abundance of farmers’ markets waiting to be discovered, the Cotswold is an ideal location for any budding foodies.

As the Cotswolds are an area of outstanding beauty, nature and beauty are available at an abundance. There are plenty of walking routes available throughout the area, with Westonbirt Arboretum being a perfect route to explore to catch the beautiful colours of the leaves changing from green to yellow to red. There are also a number of countryside pub walks which are ideal for seeing the beauty of the area, and then rewarding yourself with a well-earned pint of delicious local ale.

Make sure to visit this special corner of the UK this autumn.

Unusual Christmas Events in the UK

Burning the Clocks


To do something different this Christmas, you don’t need to go abroad or spend a fortune. Around the UK this December are a number of events which are either free or fairly cheap. From lantern parades in Brighton to an underground Santa’s Grotto in Gloucestershire, there are all kinds of festive activities going on for the whole family. Here are a selection of the best ones.

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Home Exchange Holidays

Home ExchangeWith budgets being squeezed and people increasingly looking for an ‘authentic cultural experience’ during their holidays, it is little wonder that home swapping is becoming an ever more popular phenomenon.  Websites are available to organise these exchanges with thousands of properties available to stay in all over the world.


For a yearly fee, house swappers can list their property and browse others in any part of the world they would like to visit.  When they find somewhere they would like to go, they simply contact the owner of the house/flat and see if they would be amenable to a swap.  The big advantage of this type of accommodation is that it is free.  It also allows travellers to experience real life in their chosen destination rather than sticking to tourist areas and hotels.

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Alternative European City Breaks – Tallinn, Estonia

City BreaksTypically, when people think about city breaks in Europe they think of Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona etc. but a cheaper and absolutely beautiful alternative lies in Estonia with the walled coastal city of Tallinn.  A wide range of low cost airlines regularly fly there directly in under three hours.

With terracotta roofs, Gothic spires, cobbled streets and very well preserved city wall, Tallinn is a very picturesque city.  Not only that, it offers a wide range of activities and amusements to suit any type of traveller.


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Multi-Generational Family Travel

Travel with your family“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine

This quote by Saint Augustine is being taken to heart by the young and the old, alike, as the trend of multi-generational family travel has steadily grown over the past decade and is cited to be one of 2014’s major travel trends.


Reasons Behind the Trend

A majority of travellers today utilize their vacation days to attend family events, such as weddings, anniversaries, milestone birthdays, reunions or holiday gatherings.  In many cases, they do this by planning a multi-generational family trip, which allows families who are far apart to come together according to their busy schedules by setting a pre-planned travel date and destination.  Modern times has brought with it faster-paced lifestyles, far-flung relatives and little time to dedicate to the multi-generational family.

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Affordable Restaurants In Paris

Restaurants in ParisFrance is known for its rich cuisine … and oftentimes, you’ve gotta be rich to enjoy what France has to offer.  But if you look hard enough in the City of Love, there’s an Eiffel Tower full of cheap and delicious restaurants where any budget traveller can sit down after a hard day’s sightseeing and have a decent meal for under €20.  Here are just a few:


1.       Chartier restaurant, Paris

Timeout calls Chartier “a rough and tumble old-world brasserie that serves up basic French fare at even more basic prices.”  Chartier opened its doors in 1896.  As one of the most famous budget restaurants in Paris, Chartier allows even the tightest of budgets to enjoy the glorious event that is a French meal.  And the restaurant doesn’t sacrifice quality or skimp on size, either.  You can eat a healthy portion for around €10.

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Free Apps To Plan Your Holidays

Planning yourVisitEurope App trip is half the fun, and free apps make planning all  more easy: searching for must-sees and hole-in-the-walls; finding hostels, hotels or B&B bookings, restaurants, upcoming events, museums, attractions.  In essence, all of your adventures can be easily planned by an app.  We have listed a number of apps that will help guide your planning.



VisitEurope was created in partnership with the European Travel Commission in order to inspire travellers and to aid the planning process.  This umbrella app covers the far reaches of Europe, from the hottest cities to the hidden gems.  Via inspirational photography and videos, the user can browse VisitEurope, creating a travel plan with the app’s detailed map.  Pinning European destinations, the user may even complete bookings via a VisitEurope merchant partner website.

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Tips for the Solo Traveller

Travelling AloneAccording to a recent survey, only 6% of British holiday makers prefer travelling alone while the vast majority stated that they preferred to go on holiday with their partners. Most people do not like the idea of travelling alone but they may be missing out if they haven’t considered the benefits of flying solo. Without other people to worry about, a tourist can go where ever they fancy, when ever they want and don’t have to make allowances for other people. For people thinking about going it alone for the first time, here are some handy hints to make life easier.


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Best Street Food Stalls in Thailand

street thai foodFamous for its fresh ingredients and strong contrasting flavours, Thai food has won the world over.  Though Thai restaurants have popped up in practically every major city, few can match the flavours and variety found on the streets of Thailand itself.  In Thailand, locals will tell you that simple and fresh street food is as good as it gets.  There’s no need to make reservations at a fine dining restaurant to experience Thai food at its best.  Instead, all you need to do is head to the best food stalls located right on the street. 



Bangkok is far and away Thailand’s food capital.  Food from all corners of the country can be found lining streets and marketplaces.  If you’ve been to Bangkok you’ll know that it’s hard not to run into a food vendor on the street.  There are, however, a few places to eat that are better than others.

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UK Summer Holidays Guide: 2014

UK Summer HolidaysAfter a long and rainy winter, spring is finally on the horizon here in the UK. As flowers begin to bloom and the sun starts peeking through the clouds, it’s time to start thinking about the summer holidays. Though the thought of jetting off to an exotic location abroad certainly is tempting, don’t overlook the UK.

Bathed in the warm glow of the summer sun, the UK’s diverse landscapes can certainly rival major holiday hotspots around the world. To get your holiday planning gears in motion, here’s a guide to some of the top summer destinations in the UK.

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