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Cruising with kids: helpline launched

The cruise industry has had some bad publicity of late – sinking, fires, staff deaths, and those continued unexplained disappearances. So that’s probably why the public relations arm has gone into overdrive, trying to reassure passengers that everything is ship-shape aboard their boats. Royal Caribbean International has set up a helpline to allay different fears: […]

Cheap Cruise News

With the events of the Costa Concordia tarnishing the reputation of cruise liners, the Olympics driving cruise numbers down and the general economic climate meaning fewer people are choosing luxurious holiday, cruise companies are slashing prices to try and boost their numbers, and it’s never been such a good time to book. Many of the […]

Most relaxing Holiday Types

A holiday can be a fun and relaxing experience for the whole family. A day at the beach, enjoying some moments in a swimming pool or just relaxing on a cozy destination can really help the family relax in a lot of ways. But more often than not, holidays can be a little bit challenging […]

A different holiday in Marrakech

So you want to go to Marrakech, Morocco? Make sure you know how to handle certain situations there. Remember, you’re a tourist and some people, especially taxi drivers, would try to fool you into paying them more than you should. When obtaining a taxi in Marrakech you must first talk to the driver before you […]

Cruise the river Kwai in Thailand

Thailand boasts of its natural beauty and add to that its newest attraction, the River Kwai Cruise. Experience Kanchanaburi province in the west of Bangkok aboard Thailand’s primary central cruise ship, the RV River Kwai whose design was sourced from the colonial style of the biggest convoy of ships in the 1920s, the Irrawaddy Flotilla. […]

Scotland – via direct ferry

Scotland locals and tourists will be experiencing direct ferry rides to mainland content again in May. The ferry will be under the new owners and will feature a new ferry that promises to be appealing to tourists as well as the local travellers and businessmen. The previous management under the name of Superfast, decided to […]