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Cruising with kids: helpline launched

cruiseThe cruise industry has had some bad publicity of late – sinking, fires, staff deaths, and those continued unexplained disappearances. So that’s probably why the public relations arm has gone into overdrive, trying to reassure passengers that everything is ship-shape aboard their boats.

Royal Caribbean International has set up a helpline to allay different fears: those of bored children and teenagers. The family-friendly cruise company has unveiled the Royal Mums and Dads, who are on the line to assure potential passengers that their kids (or other people’s kids) won’t ruin their holiday.

The advice line was launched on Monday, and is staffed by members of Royal Caribbean staff and passengers who have travelled aboard with children. They’ll be making customers aware of the entertainment available to kids of all ages, and the range of care options while aboard, which they hope will enable parents to cruise in peace.

To check out the service, visit:

But be warned: even though Royal Caribbean claims the Royal Mums and Dads are there to offer ‘candid’ advice, they are paid representatives of the company, just like their salesmen. But this doesn’t mean they don’t have some sensible suggestions if you are planning on taking a holiday at sea with children.

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