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Most Unusual Restaurants Every Tourist Should Visit

Many restaurants try to persuade customers to visit their eatery through offers or choices of unique cuisines. However there are some restaurants that try to persuade people to visit by offering a unique experience with your meal. Below we have selected some of the top restaurants around the world which push boundaries creatively;


Dalu Robot Restaurant in China

Located in Jinan, China, the Dalu Robot Restaurant features 40 robots that serve and greet customers. The robots practically do all aspects of the service although their sole purpose is simply to serve food. The restaurant is part of the experiment by Dalu Science and Technology Company that have custom built the robots.

Le Train Gourmand in France

Le Train Gourmand is one of the few restaurants in Paris that can truly make you feel like you are in France. The restaurant looks like an art gallery and features some of the world’s most renowned artists. It’s a little bit expensive but the food is simply amazing and make the France holiday memorable.


B.E.D. in USA

Is breakfast in bed your favourite way to start the day? If it is you should make sure you visit B.E.D. in Florida during your next visit. The bar and restaurant is set in an actual bed allowing you and your friends to enjoy a meal while relaxing in complete comfort. With great food and an interesting concept, it is a perfect place for tourists looking for something a little different on their USA holiday.


Dans Le Noir in London

Does food taste different if you can’t see it? Dans Le Noir removes your vision by placing you in a completely dark room to eat. The London based restaurant employs only blind people who guide you to your table and read your menu from Braille cards. The restaurant offers a 3 course booking for approximately £50 although waiting times can be several months.


7 Comments to “Most Unusual Restaurants Every Tourist Should Visit”

  1. on 08 Mar 2012 at 5:17 pmRodney

    “Le Train Gourmand” reminds me “Les Arcenaulx” in Marseille (south of France) it’s basically a restaurant in a library. They serve traditional south French food. They have stuff like Bouillabaisse which is a Provençal Fish Stew, or Pieds paquets (Sheeps Pluck) or simply a Home made Tapenade with fresh bread.

    “Dans le Noir” reminds me a Pub in Germany (don’t remember the name), the employee is blind too, but they only serve drinks.

  2. on 13 Mar 2012 at 12:54 pmYannis

    Alcatraz is a prison restaurant in Japan. Instead of seating in your table you are seating in your cell

  3. on 16 Mar 2012 at 11:31 amDaniela

    I have visited Le Train Gourmand in France 2 years ago and i still remember the feeling that i had, when i entered the restaurant.
    Everything looked like they came out of an old french movie, the place was decorated with an amazing aisthetic and you could see the french elegance everywhere. The food was simply amazing, to tell you the truth i was never a fan of the french cuisine, because i had always in mind that it hadn’t any tasty, i was completely wrong if you taste the proper and well- prepared french cuisine, you will understand the whole culture of France. Simply Le Train Gourmand, is a place to visit!

  4. on 22 Mar 2012 at 11:44 amJunglist

    I would prefer B.E.D. in USA. it is very relaxing having breakfast in bed.

  5. on 14 May 2012 at 2:50 pmTravis

    Weirdest restaurant I’ve been to is the Merton Restaurant in Taiwan. I’m wondering how it didn’t even make in to this list. All in all, the world is filled with weird places to eat, but hell, if the food is good – who cares!

  6. on 29 May 2012 at 10:14 amJacob

    I would like to visit the DALU ROBOT restaurant in China. It would be a totally different experience. Unlike traditional restaurants where a waiter comes and serve you the food instead a robot will provide your food. I can imagine the restaurant owner might be saving lot of money on the labor.

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