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Saving money on connections

National-Express-C2C2One of the hidden costs of going on a foreign trip is the connections at both ends. This is particularly true if your holiday includes catching flights, with airports being located various distances from the place you’re trying to get to. And if you’re flying to and from airports a long way from the city centre, your connections can end up cost more than your flight. So here are some tips on how to cut down on the cost of connections.

Book in advance

This may sound obvious, but it often costs more to travel to the airport on the day than it does if you book your tickets in advance. A lot of bus companies such as National Express and Megabus have a few limited tickets on special offer, but these tend to go quickly. So if you want the best deal, after you’ve booked your flight don’t log off and think it’s job done – get straight to booking those connections.

Share a lift

With the internet offering us  ‘collaborative consumption’, teaming up with a stranger to share the cost of a ride to the airport has never been easier. From liftshare sites like BlaBlaCar and to message boards like Gumtree, save yourself and someone else a lot of money by offering to occupy a spare seat.

Check where you’re flying to

Not just the exact city – you certainly don’t want to end up in Mogadishu when you thought you’d booked a ticket to Moscow. I mean check the exact location of the airport. Often, big cities have more than one airport, some further away from the place you’re staying than others. The names can be particularly deceptive. So while London Luton airport sounds like it’s going to be somewhere near Big Ben, it’s actually way outside the city, thirty five miles away from Westminster. As such, it’s going to cost a lot more, and take a lot longer, than going from Heathrow.

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