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Safety advice in case your plane crashes

When an Asiana Airways flight crashed at San Francisco airport this weekend, it got a lot of people thinking about air safety. More specifically: since two people aboard the Boeing 777 died and everyone else survived, can passengers do anything to make themselves more safe in the event of a crash? Air safety experts say […]

Cheap flights put Moscow in range

One of the deciding factors in being able to travel anywhere is often how much the flights cost. And that means your travel destinations can often be determined by the routes of the world’s budget airlines. Until recently Moscow wasn’t so much out of bounds as out of range – for anyone relying on budget […]

Saving money on connections

One of the hidden costs of going on a foreign trip is the connections at both ends. This is particularly true if your holiday includes catching flights, with airports being located various distances from the place you’re trying to get to. And if you’re flying to and from airports a long way from the city […]

Recently, the European Court of Justice made an historic ruling that airlines must pay compensation for flight delays lasting more than three hours to their passengers, after more than two years of frozen claims as UK airlines presented a legal challenge against the regulations. It is now required that if a flight arrives at its  […]

Top Food at 100,000 Feet

People don’t usually like airline food because it is often cold and can be quite bland. While some airlines still serve relatively bad food, some companies have improved their service to ensure their travelers have an exceptional journey. This is especially true in business class for international travel as travelers tend to expect the best. […]

Top Yoga Exercise Tips when Flying

A four-hour flight can be very challenging, even if you’re staying in business or first class. You could read, watch television or listen to music while in the air but it can get boring sometimes. It’s even possible to experience back and neck pains after the flight because you have to stay in a single […]

Travelling Tips: How to avoid Jet Lag

Travelling on long-haul distance flights which usually cross a number of time zones often has a common side effect: Jet Lag. This is usually a state of discomfort with symptoms such as insomnia, irritability and alteration of gastroenterological habits. It is especially annoying if you end up being jet lagged for as long as two […]

Tips to reduce the airline baggage fees

Months ago when the world was experiencing record price hikes on fuel, the airlines reduced the baggage allowance. Before the increase, a single carry on and two checked in bags might have costed you nothing if the airline offers a special rate. Today, your second checked in bag will cost you no less than $25.00, […]

France tried to seduce tourists

France is still the number one tourist destinations in the world. From the beautiful and romantic cities to century-old structures and churches, France seemed to have them all. Because of the wide variety of tourist destinations in line for its visitors, it’s no wonder why the country is the best in the world when it […]

Knowing more about frequent flyer rewards

Frequent flyer rewards are offered by airline companies and other businesses to entice customers to do business with them on a consistent level. After the necessary number of points has been achieved, the traveller will usually opt to free their next domestic flight in charges. Swapping free domestic flights for your frequent flyer points is […]

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