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Top Yoga Exercise Tips when Flying

A four-hour flight can be very challenging, even if you’re staying in business or first class. You could read, watch television or listen to music while in the air but it can get boring sometimes. It’s even possible to experience back and neck pains after the flight because you have to stay in a single position for nearly four hours.

But there’s actually a way to prevent flight-related muscle and joint pains. There are yoga exercises that you can do while on flight. Think of it as your in-flight exercise program to stay in shape and prevent different types of pains.


Neck Rolls

The simplest yoga exercises are sometimes the best while in flight. A good example is neck rolls, where you simply move your head in the circular motion. Neck rolls can prevent neck-related pains as well as the shoulder ache. To do this exercise, just make sure that your ears almost touch the shoulders.



Padadhirasana is a very simple breathing exercise that can be done while sitting. The trick is to simply sit straight. Make sure that your back is straight without touching the backrest. Place your hands in a cross position in your chest and slowly inhale and exhale. This will allow your body to distribute the oxygen evenly.



This is the most popular yoga position and is also known as the “lotus position”. Simply cross your legs, place your hands on top of your lap and sit up straight. This is also another type of breathing exercise that can help you relax your body and prevent any type of muscle pain.

2 Comments to “Top Yoga Exercise Tips when Flying”

  1. on 07 Oct 2011 at 6:05 pmthomas

    thank you for the great post,
    flying 4 hours and more can be very boring and those seats always feel kind of uncomfortable.
    I will definitely try those breathing positions.

  2. on 14 Oct 2011 at 11:32 amPiers Walker

    Some good tips here on how to tackle the muscle aching during long flights. I have to fly quite regularly long hauls (+3 hours) and when I arrive at the ground again, it is always awkward to move a lot again. My personal tactic is actually wlaking up and down a few times, going to the toilet or something. Just to stretch the legs. Also do I drink a lot (water) when flying; this is in general good for your body and it helps your body dealing with the simulated pressure it is experiencing.
    The Neck Rolls a lot of people already do, at the office, in the car, in front of the television or yes… at a flight. But I will have to try the ‘Padadhirasana’ next time; it sounds intriguing and worth a try. Oh, and ‘Sukhasana’? Wish I had the space for that…

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