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Travel Tips to See the Northern Lights

The northern lights or the aurora borealis is an amazing phenomenon in the sky that has attracted millions of travelers every year to places where it can be observed. As the name suggests, the northern lights can be seen in the northernmost places in the world especially in high altitude locations. This is the reason why they are best observed in the Arctic or Antarctic regions.

Accessing the northernmost region of the world can be very expensive and time consuming. Fortunately, there are places where travelers can observe the northern lights in all its glory without the extensive travel time.


Alaska and Canada

The best way to see the northern lights in North America is in the northern regions of Alaska or by taking a holiday to Canada. Fairbanks in Alaska as well as Hudson Bay and Whitehorse in Canada are the top destinations for catching a glimpse of the lights.

The best times of the year to observe northern lights in these places are between March and September. During these months, the earth’s solar activity is at its optimal capacity.


Other Places to Observe Northern Lights

Aside from Alaska and Canada, there are other accessible places to consider. Northern Scandinavia and the small town of Kiruna in Sweden are some of the best places to visit outside North America. While it could be a bit challenging for first time visitors, there are tour groups that specialize in arranging vacation packages for tourists interested in seeing the spectacle.

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