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The 3 types of guided tour

Some of the best fun travelling is when you’re being shown around by someone who really knows their onions.  For this you’re probably going to want a tour guide who is full of esoteric knowledge, who delivers their tour with gusto, and who isn’t afraid to go both off-script and stray from the beaten path. […]

Are some people addicted to travel?

We all like going on holiday, just as most of us like a drink. But is there such a thing as overindulging and being addicted to travel?  Some people think so. Not least some opposition politicians in the Australian parliament, where the new prime minister Kevin Rudd, returning for a second term, has made 28 […]

We always try to give you tips and tricks on how to save money or fantastic deals you can use to make sure that your travelling is always the best experience on offer. Well, what could be more clever than getting a holiday for absolutely nothing? Mosaic Holidays are a luxury tour operator, and the […]

Ever heard of the Paris syndrome?

The Paris syndrome is a transient psychological disorder, noted the first time in 2004 by Nervure, a French journal of psychiatry. But don’t worry if you are reading this, you’re probably getting immune! What you should now is that this syndrome affects mostly Japanese visitor of Paris. Every year up to six million Japanese people […]

World’s Most Unusual Form of Transportation

Going from one place to another requires some form of transportation. While there are regular modes of transportation such as aircrafts, automobiles and boats, there are some modes of transportation that are so unique that they become an attraction by themselves. These are must try modes of transportation for any adventurous traveler. San Francisco Cable […]

A quick tour of Sao Paolo

Sao Paolo in Brazil is a very big city and enjoying everything there in just a day or two is almost impossible. There are too many places to visit, activities to be enjoyed and food that should be tasted. But you can still enjoy the best parts this city has to offer by knowing where […]

The best place in Ecuador

Quito is the capital of Ecuardor. It’s a narrow city that runs from north to south in about 40 kilometers and just 4 kilometers from west to east. What’s amazing about Quito is the picturesque view of the Guagua Pichincha volcano that is on the west side of the city. The best time to go […]

Visiting Paris: tips & tricks

Every year, more and more people choose to travel to Paris, France. This is an easy choice to make. The area is pretty, the people are friendly and the food is great! However, is Paris like all the other places in the world? Are you suppose to leave a tip whenever you pay your a […]

Figuring out the trains in Tokyo

Tokyo is a very busy and large city but could be easily visited with the help of its trains. Unfortunately, figuring out the trains in Tokyo for the first time is a little bit challenging. The city’s subway after all, is considered as the most complicated in the world. In one city alone, there are […]

The motorcycle diaries: travelling tips

The motorcycle represents the ultimate vehicle for a road trip – travelling for hundreds of miles without being limited by road quality. You’ll get a better feel of things around and you and enjoy the tour more. But success in a road trip in motorcycle is more than just getting in a motorcycle and drive. […]