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The best place in Ecuador

Quito is the capital of Ecuardor. It’s a narrow city that runs from north to south in about 40 kilometers and just 4 kilometers from west to east. What’s amazing about Quito is the picturesque view of the Guagua Pichincha volcano that is on the west side of the city.

The best time to go to Quito is during its festival which is held on the first week of December. The festival is called Fiestas de Quito of the Festival of Quito and you’ll enjoy their parade of dancers and great street music. It’s party everywhere during this time that you can’t help but dance with locals here. Drink and have a lot of fun and dance until dawn. You may also notice some stuffed dummies which the locals believe would bring them good luck if they burn it before the New Year and they do this custom every year.

On August they also celebrate another festival which is Mes de las Artes. Again, they celebrate by playing music all throughout and there is lots of dancing too. It’s also just as fun as the Fiestas de Quito but it’s really the December event that is a blast.

Another celebration is during Holy Week but it is quite solemn. They are religious people and they know the importance of the Holy Week which is why they always celebrate it.

It’s fun to come to Quito during festivals but just make sure that you keep your valuables safe as there are pickpocketers around especially on dark areas.

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