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Figuring out the trains in Tokyo

Tokyo is a very busy and large city but could be easily visited with the help of its trains. Unfortunately, figuring out the trains in Tokyo for the first time is a little bit challenging. The city’s subway after all, is considered as the most complicated in the world. In one city alone, there are already different railway companies that you have to deal with – both private and government owned.

The first thing that you need to know about the trains in Tokyo is their impeccable dedication to time. Their trains arrive and depart at the exact minute. Secondly, the trains in Tokyo don’t operate all day except on New Year but only by limited companies.

With regards to fare, always bring cash as credit cards may not be accepted by some train companies. The good thing about their rail system is that you can transfer from one train to another and pay per destination. Just make sure you pass by the orange gate so that you will not be charged as a whole.

Just like in most cities, tickets could be purchased in different stops – even prepaid tickets. However, make sure that you purchase the right tickets from the right company as some train companies, especially the private ones, doesn’t recognize other tickets. Instead of saving through train, you might be spending a lot in train tickets.

Last but not the least, check out the Tokyo Transfer Guide online which provides the information you need about the Tokyo rail. The website also comes in English for better understanding

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