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The UK’s Best and Worst Chain Hotels

You’re sat at the computer, unable to decide which hotel to book for your recent trip. For whatever reason, the only rooms available are at chain hotels such as Travelodge and Comfort Inn. To you they’re all the same, but you suspect that some may be superior to others. So how do you know which […]

Unusual Items Forgotten in Hotel Rooms

Most people travelling will be using hotels and most of them will take away everything that they arrived with. Maybe a little more (free shampoos!) but occasionally things do get left behind in the rush of leaving the room. You can make sure that you don’t leave anything behind by keeping an itinerary with your […]

The Cheapest Luxury Hotels in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus offers a relaxing weekend with its beautiful beaches with access to some of the most historical structures in the island. Complementing the beautiful natural and historical attractions are the luxury hotels featuring competitive pricing with world class amenities.   The Colony 5 Star Hotel It’s very understandable why tourists love to stay in […]

Remarkable hotels for a royal holiday

If you have some extra funds to spend for your holiday, why not try to use them to experience the life of a royalty? The following list contains former castles converted into hotels but they retain the grandeur and attract tourists. Waterford Castle Hotel and Golf Club (Ireland) – built during the 16th century, the […]

Remarkable Hotels: Atelier sul Mare

“Atelier on the Sea”, that is the English translation of the unique hotel in Castel di Tusa, a small resort in Sicily close to the town of Cefalù. As the owners define it, Atelier sul Mare is a hotel-museum of contemporary art where guests are able to live in a dream and fall asleep within […]

Remarkable Hotels: Exploranter

If you are planning to take advantage of the south hemisphere’s summer season and, most essentially, are an adventurous type of person, here is an all-in-one travel and accommodation solution that sounds really exciting for those who have been always dreaming about exploring Latin America from top to bottom.

Remarkable hotels in space

Designers and architects on Earth are flirting with ideas on what hotel rooms of the future would be like. Space hotel rooms are no longer something you would find in a futurist almanach – space travelling is starting to flourish. The Space Hotel Project was created by post-graduate students from the Royal College of Art […]

Remarkable hotels: The Giraffe Manor

The Giraffe Manor in Kenya is a wonderful hotel with a very unique accommodation thanks to its herd of giraffes. The Manor is a great place to stay as they have highly trained hotel personnel and you’ll surely feel welcomed by these friendly giraffes. It’s gaining its popularity not only because of their excellent amenities […]

Remarkable hotels: Hydropolis

Dubai is well known now for being a world-class getaway that caters mostly for the filthy rich  and beautiful people: hotel accommodations in Dubai can reach over $50,000. Dubai’s best idea to date is that of building the Hydropolis hotel.  It is the first  luxury underwater hotel & resort that was designed by Professor Dieterle.  The […]

Haunted hotel: Madeley Court

Are you in for some ghost hunting? Then Madeley Court – a mansion in Shropshire, England is the scary place to be. This hotel was built in 1553 by Robert Brooke and has an amazing Renaissance architecture. One of the areas here where several ghost were seen is the 16th century staircase. Many witnesses and […]

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