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Remarkable hotels in space

Space HotelDesigners and architects on Earth are flirting with ideas on what hotel rooms of the future would be like. Space hotel rooms are no longer something you would find in a futurist almanach – space travelling is starting to flourish.

The Space Hotel Project was created by post-graduate students from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College of London. Their concept is to attach the space hotel to a Space Station at 350 km from the Earth. The students are allowed to be as creative as possible keeping all the important hotel amenities in mind such as for personal hygiene and sleeping areas.

Of course this is not an easy task as space hygiene can be very challenging. Vacuum toilets and space clothing should be well developed to avoid any disgusting consequences of flaw. Regular clothes should not be used as it’s impossible to wash clothes in space. Space clothes should let the skin breathe to keep it clean and odour-free. Bath time is also a huge challenge for the designers.

A company from Barcelona (Galactic Suite Ltd.) intends to open the first space hotel by 2012 and a 3-night stay would cost around 3 million euro but guests are guaranteed 15 sunrises a day and a travel around the world every 80 minutes. For sure, if this would become a reality, a stay at a space  hotel would be a delight and a very strange experience to remember. This is definitely a must for people who can afford it and just a dream for the rest of us.

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