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Remarkable hotels: Hydropolis

hydropolisDubai is well known now for being a world-class getaway that caters mostly for the filthy rich  and beautiful people: hotel accommodations in Dubai can reach over $50,000.

Dubai’s best idea to date is that of building the Hydropolis hotel.  It is the first  luxury underwater hotel & resort that was designed by Professor Dieterle.  The hotel would be 66 feet under the water in  the Persian Gulf, just off Jumeirah Beach.  Guests who would be staying here would have a great view of the life underwater.  The hotel is reinforced by steel and concrete,  transparent walls are used and dome ceilings in the shape of bubbles will allow guests to admire the sea creatures in their natural habitat.

This state-of-the-art hotel was first scheduled to be open by 2006 but because of the difficulty in its construction, its inaugration was delayed. It was difficult for the engineers and the architects to do this project starting with finding the right location suitable for an underwater hotel. The calculations for the construction need to be perfect in order for the hotel to handle the pressure and the tides.

The underwater hotel has three sections. The first section is where guests are welcomed. The second section would be the tunnel where the train takes the guests to the third section which is the underwater hotel itself.

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