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Haunted hotel: Madeley Court

madeley courtAre you in for some ghost hunting? Then Madeley Court – a mansion in Shropshire, England is the scary place to be. This hotel was built in 1553 by Robert Brooke and has an amazing Renaissance architecture.

One of the areas here where several ghost were seen is the 16th century staircase. Many witnesses and ghost hunters report that dark shapes were moving up and down as if busy with their own things. Another ghost most notable in this mansion  is the image of a monk who looks very sad as he glides around and vanishing in thin air. Others also report that there are ghost maids walking around on the top floor wearing fancy clothes and looking very lifelike until they would suddenly vanish.

The old mill is now used for functions and guests who come here are frightened by the scary laughter they hear. The laughter and the movement of the furniture depict violence that many guests couldn’t stand being in this area.

Ghost hunters would often come here to try their luck at meeting these ghosts. In fact, this hotel caters ghost hunters more often than normal guests. If you are looking for a ghost hunting trip or a poltergeist holiday, then Madeley Court mansion is the place for you.

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