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Remarkable hotels for a royal holiday

lake palaceIf you have some extra funds to spend for your holiday, why not try to use them to experience the life of a royalty? The following list contains former castles converted into hotels but they retain the grandeur and attract tourists.

Waterford Castle Hotel and Golf Club (Ireland) – built during the 16th century, the castle’s estate spans to more than 300 acres. Part of the area is dedicated to golf and it also offers the latest features for recreation.

Hvedholm Slot (Denmark) – this beautiful castle was built in 1570 but was extensively renovated to become a 5-star hotel. Its biggest attraction is the view of the beautiful lake. The castle is located in Funen which is a very picturesque part of the country.

Castle Alarcon (Spain) Рif you want to stay in a castle with a renegade atmosphere, head on to Castle Alarcon. Located in the town with the same name, the structure is situation on a cliff that overlooks a river. The walls are not changed from the original construction  but the interior  is upgraded. The road leading to the castle is also impressive as it provides the eerie view of the medieval structure.
The Lake Palace Hotel (India) – also known as Taj Lake Palace, the structure was built in 1743 with more than 80 rooms. The hotel is practically an island as boats are required to take you to the hotel. Because of its royal background it is also a popular destination for current royalties from other countries.

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