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Remarkable Hotels: Atelier sul Mare

Art Hotel“Atelier on the Sea”, that is the English translation of the unique hotel in Castel di Tusa, a small resort in Sicily close to the town of Cefalù. As the owners define it, Atelier sul Mare is a hotel-museum of contemporary art where guests are able to live in a dream and fall asleep within a piece of art.

The idea at the bottom is for hotel rooms to be art works which only become complete with the presence of guests. Visitors, on the other hand, have the opportunity to live a once in a lifetime occasion where they are not mere guests nor simple observers of artwork but are given a genuine artistic living experience.

Among the 40 rooms of the art hotel, 20 of them have been conceived and designed by international artists who have all created unique results. Every area of the structure, including restaurant, hall and bar are art creations contributing to the esthetic feeling of a utopic space. The hotel nonetheless is highly organised, offering all the modern comforts, a warm and friendly welcome and not to forget a restaurant service with all the local fresh food specialities.

The place promises an unforgettable holiday experience, if anything else for the fascinating and rare beauty of the natural environment. It is easily accessible by car and trains both from Palermo and Messina stop in Castel di Tusa.

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