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Remarkable Hotels: Exploranter

Exploranter remarkable hotelIf you are planning to take advantage of the south hemisphere’s summer season and, most essentially, are an adventurous type of person, here is an all-in-one travel and accommodation solution that sounds really exciting for those who have been always dreaming about exploring Latin America from top to bottom.

Exploranter is the only mobile hotel with an official registration. It is a 25-ton Scania truck that has been turned into an overland hotel on wheels and offers extremely flexible and adventurous tourism travel from Brazil to Argentina and Chile. As uncomfortable as it may sounds for such long trips, Exploranter is nonetheless fully equipped for these journeys with fully autonomous kitchen, three bathrooms, 28 beds and leather armchairs.

Exploranter is normally based in Sao Paulo, from where the journey begins. Different travel packages can be booked and prices will vary depending on destinations and itineraries. Most popular routes are those across impressive landscapes of Patagonia, Pantanal and Atacama. Trips can be scheduled from 1 week to as long as 22 days.

To make this travel experience even more unique is the human atmosphere that is created during the trip. Guests are often lonely travellers that gather onto the Exploranter to share with others an unforgettable experience from the adventurous as well as human perspective. In fact, the journeys can become even more exciting when further customised with themed private parties, horseback riding, trekking, off road rallies, rafting and many other extreme sporting activities.

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