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Top Food at 100,000 Feet

People don’t usually like airline food because it is often cold and can be quite bland. While some airlines still serve relatively bad food, some companies have improved their service to ensure their travelers have an exceptional journey. This is especially true in business class for international travel as travelers tend to expect the best.



Keeping Everything Fresh and Hot

When it comes to fresh and hot meals, Cathay Pacific is considered the leader. With toasters and rice cookers on board, travelers are assured that their meals are hot and easily enjoyable. A large selection of fruits and wines perfectly complements every meal.


From Business to Economy

Although most airlines serve their best meals to business class travelers, there are airline companies that ensure everyone on board enjoys a top standard of food. Singapore Airlines is known for serving the best meals for all class of traveler. They employ international chefs and wine tasters to ensure that they provide only top food and drink. It has even been mentioned that Chef Gordon Ramsey at one point during his career was part of Singapore Airlines.



Wide Variety of Choices

One of the most popular airlines in the world when it comes to variety is Turkish Airlines. Mediterranean meals are always expected from the airline but passengers can also request very specific meals such as Hindu food especially on their flights to and from India.

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  1. on 03 Apr 2012 at 4:10 pmbiancas

    I never used Cathay Pacific or Turkish Airlines (I fly low cost, always) but I find this article interesting, I remember a pretty funny thing, a letter of a Virgin Airlines customer to Richard Branson where he was complaining about the Indian food served onboard during a flight to India. It is a very funny read. This article made me think of that as soon as it caught my eyes.

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