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Tips to reduce the airline baggage fees

Months ago when the world was experiencing record price hikes on fuel, the airlines reduced the baggage allowance. Before the increase, a single carry on and two checked in bags might have costed you nothing if the airline offers a special rate. Today, your second checked in bag will cost you no less than $25.00, even more if they are overweight. If you are travelling as a family with kids, your excess baggage alone could cost you no less than $100. Even though the fuel prices are down, the airline
still has an excuse – global recession and less customers.

But that shouldn’t be the situation. Here are some tips on how you can save on baggage fees:

Be informed – visit the airline website so that you’ll know the baggage allowance per traveller and its weight. This should give you a good idea on what you need to bring during your travel. If you can weight your bags before you leave, do it so that you’ll know if there are additional fees you should be expecting.

One bag for all kids – instead of bringing individual bags, pack your kids’ belongings in one large bag. Convince them to take a minimum amount of toys. Multiple excess baggages will cost you more than one excess, overweight bag.

Hotels with reimbursements – to entice more travellers to their hotel, there are hotel companies today that offer reimbursements for your baggage fees. Your final total price upon check out will be deducted by the excess baggage charges.

Go light – if you don’t want to pay for something extra, don’t bring a large bag. It might even be a better idea to just wash your clothes while travelling rather than paying hundreds of dollars for excess baggage.

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