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France tried to seduce tourists

France is still the number one tourist destinations in the world. From the beautiful and romantic cities to century-old structures and churches, France seemed to have them all. Because of the wide variety of tourist destinations in line for its visitors, it’s no wonder why the country is the best in the world when it comes to tourism. In 2007, a whopping 82 million tourists visited the country. This easily translates to billions of earnings from the country’s visitors.

But this is only in terms of the gross earnings from its travellers. The  countries on second and third place are Spain and USA are only opened its doors to more than 50 million travellers each only. However, even though their tourism industry is a lot less compared to France, their net income is a lot more compared to France.

To answer this problem, France decides to push their tourism sector further. Among the agenda: revamp their tourism logo.

A few weeks ago, the French Tourism Agency revealed their new logo which practically captures what France is all about. A logo was presented featuring the French Revolution symbol Marianne on blue and red with the name France as her body. Below the logo is the new tag line for the country, “Rendez-vous en France” which has a loose meaning of “Meeting in France”.

The new symbol is actually a revision of the original proposal which actually shows her breasts. But this was deemed “too seductive” for tourists and was later changed to a more subtle version.

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