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How to choose the best restaurant on holiday

We all have that situation where we are walking along a street filled with restaurants and we don’t know which one to choose. Sometimes the restaurant we pick is down to the style of food they prepare other times it’s down to a recommendation from a friend but what simple rules can you follow to make sure you have the best meal?

We have created 3 top tips to follow when eating abroad and an extra tip for people that may be allergic to certain foods. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Tip 1- How Busy?

If you are walking along a street lined with restaurants look for the places with the most people in them. If there are people standing outside in a que for the restaurant it raises the likelihood of the restaurant being even better. Restaurants will try to seat people at the front of the restaurant to make it look more busy, so always look at the back of the building if possible.

Tip 2 – Go with the locals

Different people have different tastes however if you are looking for a good restaurant, especially a restaurant selling food native to the country try looking for locals. Not only will people who eat their own cuisine have the option to eat at home but also they will be more opinionated about which places serve the best dishes. When in the restaurant ask the waiter what their most popular dish is, this is likely to be the reason for the establishments popularity and a great meal to enjoy.

Tip 3 – Ask

One easy way to find out if the food in the restaurant is good is to ask somebody. This can be somebody you know who went there or if that isn’t an option you could ask somebody leaving the restaurant what they thought of the food. This may be the simplest of the techniques but you are most likely to find out the information you want. Whether you are on a holiday in Turkey or a Trip to Milan, in general people on holiday are more relaxed and wouldn’t mind sharing their views on the food.

Extra tip – Allergic?

If you have to choose food carefully due to an allergy make sure you ask the waiter before your table orders their meals. Finding out you would be allergic to the food after your friends have ordered isn’t likely to go down well.

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