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The Top Restaurants in Istanbul

Istanbul is a top tourist destination in Europe and one of the best places in the world to see impressive structures with a blend of unique culture. Because of the city’s popularity, different types of amenities, attractions and activities are available for every tourist. Complementing the beauty of the city and its attractions are the amazing restaurants in Istanbul. These are not just your regular city restaurants as they push the boundaries on how their guests should enjoy their meal. A holiday to Istanbul wouldn’t be complete without visiting our top 3 restaurants;



Cintemani is the main restaurant of Ritz-Carlton Hotel which tells a lot about the quality of its meals. The restaurant is well known for its view and the favorite not only for the locals and tourists but also by some of the world’s powerful people. The main draw of Cintemani is their quality fusion dishes. Turkish meals are always available with a little bit Asian flavor because of the chef’s influence. Add the informal setting where you can enjoy your meal instead of thinking about how you look and you get an amazing dining experience.


The beauty of Asitane rests on the fact that it’s found in the residential area of Istanbul. Its serene setting makes you think that the restaurant features home-style cooking. The restaurant is well known for their meals with Ottoman influence and their ability to use very old ingredients is nothing short of amazing. The restaurant is also known for their wine selection.



Fresh ingredients with amazing view of the Mediterranean waters can easily give tourists a great time while dining. Poseidon is located in a nearby yacht club in Istanbul and you get to see expensive yachts coming and going where they complement the sunny weather of the Mediterranean. The grilled seafood meals may look like a simple dish but the chefs at Poseidon makes the meal a lot more interesting.

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