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Scotland – via direct ferry

Scotland locals and tourists will be experiencing direct ferry rides to mainland content again in May. The ferry will be under the new owners and will feature a new ferry that promises to be appealing to tourists as well as the local travellers and businessmen.

The previous management under the name of Superfast, decided to stop operations on September 13, 2008. Problems with finances have greatly troubled the company. This has forced them to stop operations before further losses will be reported. The financial problems stemmed from the fact that during that time, fuel prices has been on the rise. The number of passengers is also lower than expected. These factors have greatly contributed to the losses of Superfast.

However, the new management under the name of Norfolkline is confident that the return will be beneficial not only for the company but also for the country. The launching of the re-established route will just be on time of the new tourist program of Scotland which is a series of homecoming celebrations. Through this program, persons that have been living in other countries that used to call Scotland their home will be enticed to go back and experience the country all over again.

The country has also acknowledged the new company who will be operating from Rosyth to Belgium specifically in Zeebrugge. The ferry will be travelling three times a week from both routes.

The new ferry promised by Norfolkline 109 cabins with premium amenities. Haulers should also experience savings as the ferry is more affordable compared to other forms of transportation.

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  1. on 20 Jun 2012 at 4:25 pmSam Henry

    I think scotland is in need of an improved outlook on tourism. The country seems to be dragging behind Ireland and possibly Wales in regards to advertising. Appart from the countries famous Edinburgh festival and the occassional Glasgow event there isn’t a real reason to take a trip, even if you do live in near-by England.

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