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Knowing more about frequent flyer rewards

Frequent flyer rewards are offered by airline companies and other businesses to entice customers to do business with them on a consistent level. After the necessary number of points has been achieved, the traveller will usually opt to free their next domestic flight in charges.

Swapping free domestic flights for your frequent flyer points is actually the simplest you can do. But they are not necessarily the smartest option to get the best out of your frequent flyer points. If you really wanted to have the best for your frequent flyer, consider an upgrade to a business or first class.

Let’s consider the facts: a domestic ticket from New York to California will usually cost you around $350 and the first class ticket will cost you no less than $2,000. If you use your frequent flyer for a free flight, you will be rewarded with only $350 if converted to cash value. But if you upgrade, your frequent flyer reward will be more than $1,000 worth. The only difference between these deals is that you may have to pay an additional $50 fee for an upgrade. It will still require the same number of frequent flyer points.

But there’s a catch – airlines doesn’t offer this type of upgrade for frequent flyers freely. If you really want to get the almost free upgrade, opt for flights that will not be fully booked. These flights are red-eye flights (flights that leave at night) or midweek flights. You can easily upgrade to these flights to business or first class since they are rarely fully booked.

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