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Top cheap activities in North Cyprus

The Northern part of Cyprus, formally known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is a de facto independent state. A North Cyprus holiday is a perfect summer trip for a family or a couple, as it is home to many great sights and architecture. We have singled out three great activities to take part in that won’t cost you a lot. They are all great for witnessing the countries natural habitat and are fun for the whole family.



Hiking is a great activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The location is home to many great nature trails and offers some spectacular vistas for you to enjoy. Many centres in the Girne area conduct hikes around North Cyprus. We would suggest travelling near to the five fingered mountains for some of the best views in the country.


The country is home to some of the most fascinating species of turtle. There are several places around the state that offer protected areas, perfect for admiring the beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.


Bird Watching

The state is home to over 347 species of bird, with 46 of them being native to the area. If you’re really interested in bird watching we would suggest visiting the country in the spring once the birds have migrated north from the winter. Try visiting the Karpas Peninsular for an unspoilt and protected area of the state which becomes a home for many different species of bird.

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