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Top 3 Most Dangerous Activities in Sydney, Australia

A Sydney vacation is one of the most relaxing trips and inspiring holiday trips you are likely to have. It’s a city with all the modern amenities with unique natural wonders because of its relative isolation for centuries. Tourists often visit the country to experience their wildlife while others opt to stay in the beautiful city of Sydney to enjoy the nightlife, the nearby beaches or simply to enjoy the business center.

But even though most of the popular activities in Sydney are relatively safe, there are some activities that you should avoid at all cost because of their dangers.



Walking Alone at Night in King’s Cross

The King’s Cross is one of the most popular districts in Sydney but it’s also one of the most dangerous at night especially when you walk alone. Many experienced travelers advise against walking at night in this district as most of them have seen the districts’ violence.

Enjoying the Beach in the Middle of the Day

Sydney can be really cold during the winter season and very hot during the summer season. No amount of sun block can protect your body from the dangerous heat of the sun. Better stay in the shade or at least wait until the sun sets to enjoy the water.

Aside from the searing heat of the sun, it’s always recommended to swim at a beach with lifeguards. To the unfamiliar, the beach of Sydney looks very attractive but it can be dangerous because of the unknown rips underwater. Australia is also known for the dangerous jellyfish so you should always be on a lookout for potential danger.

2 Comments to “Top 3 Most Dangerous Activities in Sydney, Australia”

  1. on 28 Mar 2012 at 12:13 pmMarilena

    The beaches in Sydney may seem really attractive and beautiful, but they really have so many dangers. If you do not pay the necessary attention, you will never forget the holidays in Sydney, unfortunately with negative way. The jellyfish can be really dangerous and the problem is that they are not so obvious for you to see them.
    Australia is diffinately a must place to visit, but you have to keep always in mind that youe safety comes first!!

  2. on 11 Apr 2012 at 4:55 pmPedro

    Ooohhhhh I won’t be going to Sydney anymore. It’s decided… I’m going to Perth where my friend Sandra lives!!!!

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