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How safe is your holiday destination?

safety mapIt helps to know how dangerous a country is before deciding whether to travel there, especially if it’s one of the world’s more exotic locations. So it’s good news that Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs has put together an interactive map detailing how dangerous each country in the world is for tourists.

In the map publicised by CBC News, countries with extremely repressive governments or ongoing conflicts such as North Korea and Syria are given a red alert, which means they’re extremely dangerous. Large blocks of Africa and the Middle East including Sudan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen are also to be avoided at all costs because of the political upheavals happening there currently.

Other nations are coded orange and yellow through to green for the level of danger. Among those where you should ‘avoid some areas’ (coded yellow) include Egypt, Russia and Venezuela. All of North America, Australia and most of Europe are coded green, which means you should exercise regular levels of caution.

Since the collapse of order as a result of its economic problems, Greece has slipped back into the yellow. This is sadly reasonable, given that the Greek police force is reported to be in thrall to the Neo-Nazi thugs Golden Dawn.

The only other countries in Europe not scoring a clean bill of health are Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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