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5 Essential Travel Preparation Tips

Going on holiday can be as stressful as it is a brilliant and memorable time. Here’s some tips to do before you get going to minimise your stress levels:   1.       Get travel insurance The biggest gripes of holiday-makers circle around missed flights or lost luggage. Not only can this be ridiculously frustrating in general, […]

Ever heard of the Paris syndrome?

The Paris syndrome is a transient psychological disorder, noted the first time in 2004 by Nervure, a French journal of psychiatry. But don’t worry if you are reading this, you’re probably getting immune! What you should now is that this syndrome affects mostly Japanese visitor of Paris. Every year up to six million Japanese people […]

Experiencing the Gap Year Travel

Education does not just come from the classroom. More often than not, people also learn when they try to travel to different place and try out new things. It’s also possible to learn through experience since actually doing the things they want to learn will provide real-world experience and not just the theories that are […]

Top 5 Places to Drink in Dubai and Not Get Arrested

Dubai is part of a Muslim state that adheres to strict laws of no alcoholic drinks. But it’s also one of the most progressive parts of the Middle East as it’s practically the world’s shopping center with massive malls and interesting party places. Although the laws of alcohol consumptions are strictly enforced, it’s not enforced […]

Top 3 Family Skiing locations

A skiing vacation for the entire family is a highly recommended activity for the holidays. Kids will learn to appreciate the weather as they enjoy different types of activities in the snow. Parents will also love the variety of winter-related activities as well as much needed rest for their busy life. But not every skiing […]

Most affordable activities in the Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the top tourist destinations in the world due to its exotic beaches and beautiful seas. Due of its popularity, many tourists think twice in visiting the island because they might end up spending more than they should. But the Seychelles is actually a great place to enjoy during the summer because […]

Discovering the best of Turkey

Turkey is the 3rd most visited country by British holiday makers each year and it’s not hard to see why. The country offers something for everyone, with Turkish baths available for those that want to relax in style, great historic sites for explorers and hot weather throughout the summer months. Relax The country is famous […]

The Exquisite Weekend Breaks in Sorrento, Italy

Tucked in the southwest region of Italy is a beautiful and exquisite town of Sorrento. With a population of only 16,500, tourists will immediately observe a homely feel of the beautiful town. The unique appeal of Sorrento to tourists has made the little town an ideal relaxation destination and a favorite weekend trip in southern […]

Amazing Weekend Breaks to Disneyland Paris

Barely 20 miles from Paris is the world-class tourist destination Disneyland Paris. Since it opened its doors in 1992, the Disneyland in Paris continues to attract millions of tourists every year. It’s an ideal destination for families who want a quick getaway during the weekend. Disneyland Paris is highly accessible from the city of Paris […]

The beautiful city of St. Omer

St. Omer is a picturesque commune in northwest France. It is the closest land to England (from Dover) and tourists coming to the area usually use the Calais Ferry Port. It’s one of the best places to visit for the weekend because it’s relatively small but offers more than just a picturesque setting for a […]

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