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Can the government track my Oyster card movements?

Did you know that the authorities can track your movements with your Oyster card? UKIP politician Nigel Farage stated recently that he doesn’t own one for this very reason. And it’s true that if you register your Oyster card – which a lot of people do in case they lose it, or if they have […]

How to get the best deal on foreign currency

Foreign currency and where to get it is often a case of simply shopping around the high street. But that’s not the smart way to get the best value travel money. If you’re smart, you’ll have a look online to see which companies are offering the best deals on the Euro, Dollar and other currencies. […]

Tourist advice for the Brazil World Cup 2014

With reports that Brazil isn’t ready to host the 2014 World Cup, many football fans will be thinking twice about travelling to Rio next summer. But if you are thinking of flying to Brazil to cheer on your team, here are some things to remember for a tourist in Brazil. Book early. It’s a risky […]

New York’s Citi Bike FAQ

New York City is notorious for being difficult to get around. People who have lived in New York for months often still can’t figure out the Subway. Its buses are even worse, and taxis? Forget it. So enter the latest addition to the New York City public transport system: bicycles. Or to be more precise, […]

Best outdoor places to chill in New York

Great outdoor places are in high demand and short supply in the world’s biggest and richest cities. New York is no exception. Luckily though, there are still a number of parks and open spaces you can visit on a sunny day that will relax you and even perhaps inspire you. So if you’re planning to […]

How safe is your holiday destination?

It helps to know how dangerous a country is before deciding whether to travel there, especially if it’s one of the world’s more exotic locations. So it’s good news that Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs has put together an interactive map detailing how dangerous each country in the world is for tourists. In the map […]

Knowing when and how much to tip

One of the most frequent insecurities of a traveller is knowing whether to leave a tip. In some places it’s pretty much compulsory to leave some extra money after a meal or a taxi ride, while other cultures will be offended if you do. So here’s a rough guide to tipping – who to tip […]

Thinking about travel insurance

On top of the cost of accommodation, flights, tax and excess luggage fees comes the most loathsome part of foreign travel for many tourists: insurance. Whether you need it for your trip is something you can only know when it’s too late – if you wind up in a doctor’s office, a hospital bed, or […]

The Robotic Suitcase

For most travellers, going through the airport or train station can be busy and annoying at the best of times, it’s even worse when you have to lug a suitcase around after you. We improved on the problem by inventing suitcases with wheels and longer handles. It certainly made them easier to cart around, but […]

Hitchhiking Across America with Cody Smart

 Back in 2006, disillusioned New Yorker Cody Smart decided that he was going to hitchhike across America. The decision didn’t go over well with his family and friends, who all tried to dissuade him but he went off anyway, looking for adventure and stories. He first went west and then up to Alaska, hitchhiking with […]

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