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Best Street Food Stalls in Thailand

street thai foodFamous for its fresh ingredients and strong contrasting flavours, Thai food has won the world over.  Though Thai restaurants have popped up in practically every major city, few can match the flavours and variety found on the streets of Thailand itself.  In Thailand, locals will tell you that simple and fresh street food is as good as it gets.  There’s no need to make reservations at a fine dining restaurant to experience Thai food at its best.  Instead, all you need to do is head to the best food stalls located right on the street. 

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UK Summer Holidays Guide: 2014

UK Summer HolidaysAfter a long and rainy winter, spring is finally on the horizon here in the UK. As flowers begin to bloom and the sun starts peeking through the clouds, it’s time to start thinking about the summer holidays. Though the thought of jetting off to an exotic location abroad certainly is tempting, don’t overlook the UK.

Bathed in the warm glow of the summer sun, the UK’s diverse landscapes can certainly rival major holiday hotspots around the world. To get your holiday planning gears in motion, here’s a guide to some of the top summer destinations in the UK.

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Travelling by Bike – Things You Need to Consider

travel-by-bikeTravelling by bike can be as simple as a weekend trip on a local route, or as colossal as an adventure around the world that could take years to complete. But, no matter what type of trip you choose, you can be sure it will be an enriching and inspiring experience. And what’s best is that anyone can go on a bike touring adventure, regardless of how little experience they have with cycling.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when planning to travel by bike, no matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced cyclist.

What Type of Tour Would Fit You Best?

There are four main types of tours, each with its pros and cons, and deciding on one of them will depend on the time and budget you have available, the effort you are able to handle and the adventure level you are looking for.

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Travelling with Kids? Family Travel Clever Games Guide

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERATravelling with kids and babies can be challenging. Sometimes children sleep on long journeys, and sometimes they don’t.

When they are awake you’ll probably hear the classic phrase, “are we there yet?” When you have only just set off, and still have hundreds or even thousands of miles to go…

There are lots of things you can do to keep them occupied while you’re travelling. You might decide to get them a couple of bags of sweets, however you might regret this when your children are bouncing around or worse, throwing up into a paper bag.

A clever idea is to prepare some games to keep them entertained. Many of the games you can get involved in too, even if you are driving. All you need is a little imagination and I’m sure that your children have plenty of that.

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Catch a ride on the UK’s ‘ghost trains’

Uk-ghost-trainsThe UK has a number of ‘ghost trains’ which run very rarely, and are mostly deserted when they do leave the platform. Here is a quick guide to what they are, why they exist, and how to catch a ride.

Parliamentary trains

The UK’s ghost trains are officially known as ‘parliamentary trains’, because they exist only to fulfil a statistical quota, offering the minimum possible service, so that politicians don’t have to announce the official closure of the line or route.

Parliamentary trains run about as often as politicians admit they’re wrong about something: very, very rarely, and when they hope you won’t notice. Herein lies the tragedy and beauty of ghost trains.

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The 3 types of guided tour

london-tourSome of the best fun travelling is when you’re being shown around by someone who really knows their onions.  For this you’re probably going to want a tour guide who is full of esoteric knowledge, who delivers their tour with gusto, and who isn’t afraid to go both off-script and stray from the beaten path. When it comes to choosing a tour, you have pretty much three options:


You know the drill – open top buses and walking tours around a city’s tourist attractions. These are ideal for people who want a snapshot of the city from a historical perspective, along popular and preordained routes. They’re great for seeing the layout of the city and getting to know the most important monuments and buildings, and their cultural significance.

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5 universal travel scams — and how to avoid them

pickpocketingIf you’re travelling abroad and can’t hide the fact that you’re a tourist, you’d better be on your guard. There are plenty of people willing to take advantage of you. This happens everywhere, not just in developing countries. From taxi drivers taking you the long way around to creative street theft, tourists the world over need to keep their eyes and ears peeled for these universal scams designed to relieve them of their spending money, or in some cases, their savings.


1. Pickpockets are everywhere. There isn’t  a country that doesn’t have them – even authoritarian regimes where theft is punished by amputation, such as Saudi Arabia, where in 2007 a pickpocket had his hand cut off. With seemingly no deterrent, you have to have your wits about you in busy areas.

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The UK’s Best and Worst Chain Hotels

chain-hotelsYou’re sat at the computer, unable to decide which hotel to book for your recent trip. For whatever reason, the only rooms available are at chain hotels such as Travelodge and Comfort Inn. To you they’re all the same, but you suspect that some may be superior to others. So how do you know which one to plump for?

Customer satisfaction surveys carried out in the last twelve months reveal there is quite a difference in quality. In the Which? survey carried out in October 2012, Warner Leisure Hotels were top of the pile with 79% of respondents scoring them positively. But if you’re looking for a cheap getaway, Warner Leisure’s 13 branches may be too expensive, with their average room costing upwards of £350 a night. For that kind of price, you should hope people are satisfied.

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Are some people addicted to travel?

addicted-to-travelWe all like going on holiday, just as most of us like a drink. But is there such a thing as overindulging and being addicted to travel?  Some people think so. Not least some opposition politicians in the Australian parliament, where the new prime minister Kevin Rudd, returning for a second term, has made 28 trips in 34 days since resuming office in June.

The globetrotting Aussie PM is of course travelling for work, but his opponents claim that his love of – or maybe ‘addiction’ to – jet setting is a serious problem. In doing so, they have inadvertently raised an important point about the role of travel and the desire to get away in our stressed-out and anxious society. Even for those of us who don’t have access to an executive fleet of air force jets: is there such a thing as travel addiction?

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Safety advice in case your plane crashes

Plane SaftyWhen an Asiana Airways flight crashed at San Francisco airport this weekend, it got a lot of people thinking about air safety. More specifically: since two people aboard the Boeing 777 died and everyone else survived, can passengers do anything to make themselves more safe in the event of a crash?

Air safety experts say there are things you can do to increase your chances of getting out in one piece. Most of their advice is common sense – like “don’t panic,” – while some of their recommendations are less obvious. And it all boils down to preparation and thinking practically.

Safety announcements

So before you take off, it’s important to know all the stuff they tell you in the safety announcement video.

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