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World’s Most Unusual Form of Transportation

Going from one place to another requires some form of transportation. While there are regular modes of transportation such as aircrafts, automobiles and boats, there are some modes of transportation that are so unique that they become an attraction by themselves. These are must try modes of transportation for any adventurous traveler.

San Francisco Cable Car

At first glance, the San Francisco cable car looks like a regular city tram. But it’s a very popular tourist attraction in San Francisco because it’s the last operational manual cable car system. The San Francisco cable car is also one among the oldest as it was first used in 1873.

Bamboo Train in Cambodia

The name of the mode of transportation perfectly describes how it looks – it’s a train made of bamboo. Powered by a motor engine with used tank rails, the train doesn’t have any walls or roof and anyone who wants a ride can sit in a small chair or in the floor.


Tuktuk in India

The term “tuktuk” is only used in India but it’s actually a popular mode of transportation in Bangkok, Pakistan and other Southeast and Southern Asian countries. It’s practically a three-wheeled vehicle which is just a motorcycle with two wheels in the back fitted with large cabins for additional passengers.

Camel Riding in Jordan

If you’re travelling in Jordan and you decide to go on safari trip, one of the most popular modes of transportation is by camel. Camel riding is a very different from riding a horse but it’s an experience you should not miss if you’re travel to Jordan.

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  1. on 21 Mar 2012 at 9:12 pmAnna

    If I will ever make it to India, riding in a tuktuk would be one of the things I’d feel I’m forced to do. Definitely is the craziest way to get around.

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