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A different holiday in Marrakech

So you want to go to Marrakech, Morocco? Make sure you know how to handle certain situations there. Remember, you’re a tourist and some people, especially taxi drivers, would try to fool you into paying them more than you should.

When obtaining a taxi in Marrakech you must first talk to the driver before you board the taxi especially if you have just arrived at the airport. Many taxi drivers would charge you a lot higher so it’s best you talk to them and ask them to turn on their taxi meter and pay only the amount on the taxi meter. If this is not applicable, just talk to the driver and agree on a certain amount. If the driver disagrees, well move on and find another one.

In Marrakech you can travel by bus or by train or you can rent a car instead. Petit taxis cost less than the grand taxis here so better choose to ride Petit taxis if you don’t carry a lot of baggage while sightseeing and going to different places. There are lots of places to go to here such as the Djemaa El-Fna where you’ll find lots of dancers and you’d enjoy the music here. Dance to the beat of the drums and go crazy with how the Morrocans party at night. By day though you can still come and enjoy this place but with animals entertaining you such as funny monkeys and dancing snakes.

Other great places to go to are Koutoubia mosque, Saadian Tombs and the Majorelle Gardens. Although Marrakech is not as appealing as other Morroccan cities, many still frolic in this city. You can have fun and enjoy a different kind of adventure.

Flights to Morocco start from £280.

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